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Medicinal herbs

Despite the numerous modern synthetic drugs, more and more people are turning once more to medicinal herbs and naturel remedies. Though herbs are a great way to add flavour, their beneficial and medicinal effects are of much more import. As such, medicinal herbs form the base for beneficial ointments, syrups, gels, drinks, juices and more.

How do we produce our medicinal herbs?

Biosfeer Groede employs modern and eco-friendly methods to grow and process medicinal plants and herbs. Every step in the production and all auxiliary activities take place in-house. Moreover, our medicinal herbs are the result of organic growing methods and manual harvesting techniques. Our meticulous drying process, advanced grinding and cutting techniques and high-care filling room lead to products of consistent excellent quality. From seed to finished product, every step is undertaken with the utmost care and precision. Our medicinal herbs can be bought separately, or processed in mother tinctures and macerates which combine the beneficial effects of multiple herbs.

Become a vendor or develop your own product

Are you interested in selling our medicinal herbs, perhaps as a white label product? Call us at +31 – (0)117 376 337 or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl. We are happy to discuss which of our herbs meet your requirements. However, you can also make use of our production capacity if you wish to develop your own product.

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