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Product development

Biosfeer Groede works in close cooperation with its clients to develop approximately 6 to 10 new products each year to be marketed under the customers’ own brand.

Thanks to our strong market position, we can predict new trends and quickly start developing and producing new and innovative products. Through intense and close partnership with our clients, we can develop innovative plant based products for a wide range of applications. Product development is a process we undertake with painstaking precision and care.

What to expect from us?

Biosfeer Groede will undertake the following steps:

  • Thorough research into the suitability of ingredients, per cites, blacklists, opium legislation and GMP+
  • Thorough analyses of the product’s feasibility
  • Thorough analysis of the product’s desirability
  • Through research into scientific substantiation
  • Thorough research in possible health claims and their registration
  • Drawing up a preparation protocol
  • Designing packaging and labelling
  • Trial production
  • Organising a review panel

Naturally, we can also set up a cooperation in which you yourself undertake one or more of abovementioned steps.

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