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Our story

Our Story: From Ground to Growth

The Beginning of Biosfeer Groede
In March 2010, Nick Sinke took over the farm of Marleen Kruiden in Groede, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. This farm was originally run by Marleen and Ronald van de Winckel, who were pioneers in the cultivation and processing of herbs in the Netherlands since 1982. They continued their passion and expertise from 2010 onwards in Tasmania, Australia.

Nick, who always dreamt of realizing his life goals on a herb farm, saw this takeover as a unique opportunity. He recognized that herbs and plants would play a new central role in Western life, deciding to turn this passion into his profession. Thus began the story of Biosfeer Groede, a place where love for nature, health, and sustainable agriculture are central.

The Growth and Development of the Farm
Immediately after the takeover, Nick began modernizing, professionalizing, certifying, and expanding the farm. He introduced new cultivation methods and processing techniques that were both sustainable and innovative. By utilizing organic techniques and permaculture principles, he created an ecosystem where the herbs could thrive optimally without disrupting the natural balance.

In 2012, Nick was joined by his partner, Esther Sinke, who played a crucial role in the further development of the farm. Esther’s organizational talent and fresh ideas brought new dynamics to the farm. Her involvement made it possible to find new customers, initiate large projects, and improve the efficiency of existing processes. Together with their employees, they form a powerful team, driven by the same vision and passion for ecological horticulture, natural medicine, and self-sufficient living.

A Community of Like-Minded Individuals
Biosfeer Groede became not only a successful farm but also a meeting place and workshop for like-minded professional clients from all over Europe in the field of effectively applying herbs.
The farm became a vibrant trading center by sharing expertise and inspiration with like-minded clients. Visitors to Biosfeer immediately experience the special impact of this farm. By now, Biosfeer Groede supplies its products to 220 large and small customers across Europe!

Future Vision: Making a Lasting Impact
With their eyes on the future, Nick and Esther continue to commit themselves to the further development of Biosfeer Groede. Their goal is to make the farm a source of natural health, but also a model for sustainable agricultural practices and a new inspired way of Western living. They are always working on new projects to further increase the impact of the farm.

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