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Discover our Veterinary Solutions

At Biosfeer Groede, we understand the unique needs of the veterinary industry. As an experienced producer and supplier of raw materials and animal health products, we offer a range of high-quality feed ingredients, additives, premixes, tinctures, and supplements. Our products are specially developed to support the health and well-being of animals, from companion animals to livestock.

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Our Product Range for
the Veterinary Market

Our GMP+ FSA* certified product line for the veterinary sector includes:

Mother Tinctures

Our mother tinctures offer targeted support for specific health challenges, made from natural extracts that ensure safety and effectiveness. Want to know which mother tinctures we have in stock? Click here


Our high-quality additives enhance feed quality and promote healthy growth, optimizing feed efficiency and supporting digestion.


These products are designed to ensure uniform distribution of nutrients in animal feed, which is essential for maintaining the health and performance of animals.


From vitamins to minerals, our supplements fill nutritional gaps and support specific health needs of different animals.

Feed Ingredients Based on Herbs and Plants

Carefully formulated to provide balanced nutrition, our feed ingredients support overall health and productivity of animals.

Industrie specific Bennefits

We understand the challenges faced by professionals in animal healthcare and offer solutions that:

Increase productivity

Our products are designed to improve feed efficiency, leading to better growth and development of animals.

Promote health

By emphasizing preventive care, our products help prevent diseases and improve overall animal health.

Achieve cost savings

By optimizing nutrition and reducing reliance on medicinal treatments, our products help reduce operational costs.
Our Commitment
as Grower and Producer

As a grower and producer, we maintain control over the entire production process, from the cultivation of ingredients to the final production of the end product. Our farms and production facilities are dedicated to sustainable practices that ensure the quality of our products and minimize the ecological footprint.

Partner with Biosfeer Groede

Choose us as your partner in animal health and well-being. Contact us about our products and how we can work together to improve the health of your animals.

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