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Product Development

Product Development at Biosfeer Groede: Innovation in Medicinal Herb Products

Biosfeer Groede leverages its extensive production capacities for the development of innovative medicinal herb products. We work closely with you to develop tailor-made products that meet specific market needs, such as extracts, tinctures, and supplements.

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Custom Development

Biosfeer Groede annually develops between 6 and 10 new products that our clients bring to market under their own brand. Our production center has received a leadership subsidy from the Province of Zeeland, which means that the intake and the first day of product development, valued at €1200, are free of charge. For additional hours, we offer a 40% discount on our hourly rate.

Early Trend Detection and Innovation

Our position in the market allows us to identify trends before they become mainstream. We are eager to be involved from the earliest stages of development to collaboratively create innovative “plant-based” products for a wide range of applications.

What does Biosfeer Groede offer during product development?

  • Comprehensive preliminary investigations into the permissibility of ingredients, feasibility, desirability, and scientific substantiation of the product.

  • Design and documentation of preparation protocols, final product specifications, packaging, and labeling.

  • Execution of trial productions and organization of test panels.

Co-productions are possible, allowing customers to actively participate in specific steps of the development process.

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At Biosfeer Groede, you are assured of a professional approach and thorough expertise in the development of herbal products. We invite you to innovate with us and enrich your product portfolio.

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