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Cosmetic ingrediënts

Professional Ingrediënts from Biosfeer Groede

Welcome to Biosfeer Groede, where we specialize in the production and supply of high-quality cosmetic ingredients for the business market. Our range includes oil macerates, glycerin-based plant extracts, and natural fragrances, all developed with a strong focus on quality and nature.

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Our collection, crafted using traditional methods and natural sources, enriches cosmetic formulas with nourishing, moisturizing, and authentic properties.

Oil Macerates

Prepared according to traditional methods to extract the active components of plants into oil, these products are ideal for use in nourishing and moisturizing skincare formulas.

Glycerin-Based Plant Extracts

These extracts offer excellent moisturizing properties and are versatile in a range of cosmetic applications.


Derived from natural sources, these fragrances enrich cosmetic products with attractive and authentic aromas, free from synthetic additives.

Specific benefits of Biosfeer Groede

Full Production Control

From the cultivation of ingredients to the final production, everything is managed under one roof at Biosfeer Groede, ensuring optimal quality control and product consistency.

Sustainable Practices

We employ environmentally friendly production methods that minimize our ecological footprint while ensuring the quality and purity of our ingredients.

Innovation and Customization

Thanks to our expertise, we can collaborate with our business partners to develop products that are precisely tailored to specific market needs and trends.

Business Collaborations
as Grower and Producer

As your B2B partner, Biosfeer Groede guarantees reliable deliveries and consistent quality, providing support not only for the growth of your business but also contributing to innovation within the cosmetics industry.

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