Biosfeer Groede

Grower, producer and retailer of certified herbal extracts

Biosfeer Groede grows and processes medicinal plants with beneficial effects for humans, animals and plants using ultra-modern and sustainable production methods. Biosfeer Groede serves as grower, producer and retailer of herbal extracts and as such does not supply its products directly to consumers. 

To achieve first-rate herbal extracts, Biosfeer Groede itself undertakes every step of the production process as well as the necessary and auxiliary steps. This ensures safe, reliable and certified products of consistently premium quality, as well as quick delivery times. We believe in full spectrum extracts with high levels of active components. Upon request, we can deliver extracts partially purified of unwanted substances.

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Biosfeer Groede’s operations

Organic growing with manual harvesting

Globally sourcing high-quality exotic plant matter

Meticulous drying processes

Advanced grinding and cutting techniques

Ultra sound assisted maceration (UAM), as well as traditional maceration for which we have developed unique protocols.

Advanced pressing equipment

Industrial Rotavap

In-house analyses

High care room for automatic, semi-automatic and manual filling

Support departments for R&D, QC and QA

Our extracts are used in a wide range of industries:


  • As dietary supplements for humans, pets and cattle
  • As crop protection in the agricultural industry
  • As active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • As ingredients for cosmetics
  • As ingredients in the food and beverage industries

In cooperation with NBI International, Biosfeer Groede is hosting an international convention on medicinal and aromatic plants. This convention serves to highlight the global growing, processing and the applications of medicinal and aromatic plants.

MAP-Expo – Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic plants is an international platform for the whole supply chain of MAPs. Due to the increasing demand for natural products, it is necessary to boost the production of MAPs. MAP-Expo is about establishing a network for current and future business, closing deals and sharing knowledge about the developments of MAPs.

The Global Marketplace for
Medicinal & Aromatic Plants


  • 4th edition of MAP-Expo
  • CANCELED–Date: 07 & 08 October 2020–CANCELED

We apologise to all our customers and contacts. The MAP-EXPO 2020 has been canceled. During this current Corona pandemic it is impossible to organise any international events.


Hope to see you in 2021. We will keep you posted!