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Wheat grass

Biosfeer Groede is the largest producer of certified organic wheat grass in the Netherlands. Thanks to our SKAL, FSSC 220000 and GMP+ certification, you can be certain to receive only the highest quality wheat grass from us. The fertile soil combined with a precise warmth and light plan, ensure that our wheat grass – unlike most varieties grown in water – has a high ratio of nutrients. The result? A bright green, tart and sweet plant with clear undertones of liquorice, making Biosfeer Groede’s wheat grass well-suited for culinary use.

How our wheat grass is grown

Biosfeer Groede grows, produces and retails its own organic wheat grass products. Because we are responsible for every step, from sowing to processing, our products offer better prices and freshness. All our organic wheat grass is grown in a greenhouse designed specifically for the purpose with both active and passive ventilation systems, as well as a water revitalization system. Moreover, our plants are grown on Bio Substrate with a very specific composition. The substrate lies on top of a clay soil, which is carefully farmed and fed with mineral clay, microorganisms and organic, non-animal fertilizer, to ensure proper rooting.

How we process and deliver wheat grass

Our wheat grass, including growth medium, is placed in trays and delivered to you on the same day. Wheat grass that cannot be delivered on the same day, is flash frozen within seconds after harvest to preserve its sensitive phytonutrients as best as possible.

Order wheat grass suitable for your application

Do you wish to order fresh wheat grass for your restaurant? Or do you prefer wheat grass juice for your juice bar? These are just some of the possible applications for our wheat grass. Call +31 – (0)117 376 337 or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl for more information or to place your order.

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