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Maria Treben’s Swedish bitter

This Swedish herbal bitter, originally produced per Maria Treben’s recipe, is a genuine all-rounder. Herbal bitter recipes can be found throughout the ages, in various forms. At Biosfeer Groede, we have developed our own interpretation of this traditional recipe, the result of our optimized production processes. This Swedish bitter is available to businesses in our white label specials program.

Our interpretation of Maria Treben’s Swedish bitters

All Swedish medicinal herbs used are certified organically grown before being processed in herbal bitters inspired by Maria Treben. The elixir or extract is excellent at purifying blood and removing waste, leading to healthy liver, kidney and bowel functions. Taking this Swedish herbal bitter per Maria Treben’s traditions thus alleviates numerous digestive problems, as well as rheumatoid pain, fatigue, exhaustion and lack of energy. Be sure to check out our comfrey tinctures or teasel tinctures as well.

Discover more about preserving nutrients

Are you interested in finding our more about our interpretation of Maria Treben’s Swedish bitters? We are happy to tell you more about our approach to this unique herbal bitter, as well as about our optimized production process which preserves the maximum number of nutrients in all our tinctures, macerates and other products. Contact our experts by calling +31 – (0)117 376 337 or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl.

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