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Mother tinctures

Biosfeer Groede offers the largest range of organic and certified mother tinctures in the European Union. To create successful and standard mother tinctures, we use GACP-grown plants – either fresh or dried – and a pharmacopoeia with proven effectiveness. In most cases, we use the Homeopatisches Arnzeibuch (HAB), part of the German pharmacopoeia. Thanks to their relatively high alcohol contents (32-90%), tinctures generally have a long shelf life ranging between two and five years. Biosfeer Groede solely uses ethyl alcohol from certified organically grown rye of pharmaceutical quality (96.4% v/v).

Biosfeer Groede tinctures can be supplied as either a simplex or complex in the following bulk amounts: 0.5 litre, 1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres, 25 litres or 200 litres. Our tinctures are also available in 50ml or 100ml bottles, which can be marketed toward consumers. Although we do not directly supply our tinctures to consumers, we do supply shops, retailers, producers and therapists. From seed to bottle, we do all the processing in-house.

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