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Echinacea extra forte

Biosfeer Groede undertakes every step in the production process, from seed to bottle, to produce its Echinacea extra forte tincture. Premium quality is guaranteed thanks to our optimised processes and certified production methods.

Echinacea extra forte’s applications

Echinacea is a medicinal herb boosts the immune system to alleviate symptoms of the flu and common cold. Echinacea extra forte tincture can also be used to prevent flu-like symptoms from developing. Our Echinacea extra forte tincture is available in different package sizes, from 10ml vials to 250 ml bottles; so that you may always find the right quantities. Our product range contains several other products to boost the immune system, such as:

Discover our white label products

Our tincture combining various Echinacea parts and a booster is one of our most successful concentrates, which is why we made it available to other businesses as a white-label product. Call +31 – (0)117 376 337 or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl to enquire after the possibilities.

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