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Pine pollen tincture

Our product range contains a pine pollen tincture which is one of numerous extracts we develop in-house. To create this tincture, we have optimised the extraction and production process, and use fresh plants wherever possible. Moreover, like all our products, our pine pollen tincture holds SKAL, FSSC 22000 and GMP+ certifications, proving its organic origins.

Pine pollen tincture’s effects

Our pine pollen tincture is augmented with maritime pine bark grown in North-Holland’s dunes. Pine pollen is one of the biggest natural sources of testosterone in the world, and contains numerous vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Because of this, pine pollen is justly labelled as a superfood. The tincture can be used in the treatment of numerous pathologies and symptoms, such as prostate problems. However, the tincture also offers anti-aging qualities and helps to regulate metabolism, and much more. Pine pollen is not only available as a tincture, but also as pills or powder.

Add our tincture to your product range

Our pine pollen tincture is a premium product, fully grown and produced in-house by our experts. You, too, can add it to your product range through our white-label specials program. Would you like more information about selling our pine pollen tincture or one of our other products, such as our sabal serrulata tincture? Our experts are happy to answer our questions if you call +31 – (0)117 376 337 or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl.

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