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Biosfeer Groede has painstakingly developed and produced an ashwagandha tincture. Our SKAL, FSSC 22000 and GMP+ certifications guarantee an organic product with high levels of active ingredients; the result of our advanced techniques, unique protocols and meticulous production process.

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Biosfeer Groede grows and processes medicinal herbs and plants, like ashwagandha – also known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng. We sell ashwagandha as a complex tincture made from Nepalese plants. The recommended dosage for this effective adaptogen consists of 2 grams per day (0.07 ounces) to boost the immune system, but also to combat stress-related complaints. Other immune boosting tinctures in our product range include:

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Our ashwagandha complex is available as a white label special. However, we are also happy to assist you in developing new products. Biosfeer Groede holds a unique position, one we are glad to use to develop new and innovating products. If you want to know more about the possibilities, call +31 – (0)117 376 337 or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl.

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