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Glycerine macerates

Gemmotherapy macerates

Biosfeer Groede has been producing certified organic gemmo glycerine macerates for use in gemmotherapy since 2010. Gemmotherapy is a type of phytotherapy which uses the embryonic tissues – new buds, young shoots and root hairs – of plants at the peak of their germination. These tissues are consequently macerated in a glycerine and alcohol mixture and then diluted 10x with glycerine, alcohol and water. We only use buds and shoots we have grown ourselves – our grounds hold 2.5 acres of gemmo forest – or which are verifiably gathered from the wild. Gathering the basic ingredients for these macerates is a time-consuming job as it takes up to an hour to harvest 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of buds or shoots.

We supply gemmotherapy glycerine macerates in either simplex or complex varieties in the following bulk volumes: 0.5 litre, 1 litre or 5 litres. We also supply smaller market-ready bottles of 50ml or 100ml.

Hydro alcohol glycerine (HAG)-extracts

To make HAG-extracts, we macerate plant matter in a mixture of alcohol, water and plant based glycerine. These extracts are mainly used in animal feed and cosmetics.

Upon request, we can produce HAG-extracts from any plant or plant matter. HAG-extracts contain 14 to 15 % glycerine and 18 to 22 % of alcohol. The glycerine and relatively low alcohol contents create extracts with distinct properties.

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