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Cold pressed plant juices

Power juices are available in many shapes and sizes. The cold pressing technique preserves a maximum amount of nutrients, maintaining the beneficial effects to the fullest. Biosfeer Groede produces and sells cold pressed power juices for business customers.

Which plants and fruits do we use for our cold presses power juices?

Virtually any fresh plant of fruit can be turned into a cold pressed power juice. At Biosfeer Groede, we regularly use the following ingredients:

How are our power juices made?

Biosfeer Groede grows all the ingredients used in the production of our power juices. After they are harvested, the plants are cut to the right size, and then pressed in our modern press. This way, most of the nutrients are persevered and oxygen is kept away from the juice. This leads to premium quality cold pressed power juices. After pressing, the resulting juice is rapidly chilled to 0°C (32.0 °F) The juice can then be divided into small shots or cubes which are then flash-frozen to -30°C (-22°F).

Order your vegetable and fruit juices

Because Biosfeer Groede undertakes every step in the production process, you can be guaranteed of products of the highest quality. Contact us by calling +31 117 376 337 or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl if you are interested in our cold pressed power juices.

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