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Nutritional supplements from organic sources

Are you looking for a supplier of nutritional supplements that are made from the finest organic ingredients? The professional Biosfeer Groede team has the right medicinal herb in stock for you and your company. Our nutritional supplements stem from 100% organic sources and are the perfect base to produce syrups, gels, drinks, juices and ointments for example.

How our nutritional supplements are made from organic sources

Biosfeer Groede only uses the most eco-friendly methods to grow medicinal extracts. Since the production process of our nutritional supplements from organic sources happens in-house, we control the quality of our reliable products that are beneficial for your health. From harvesting to drying and cutting, our natural healing are manufactured with professional care and precision. Are you interested in distributing pine pollen tinctures, oil macerates or plant juices, for example? Have a look at our offer to find the nutritional supplements, made from organic ingredients, that match your needs.

Contact us to know more about supplements

Would you like to know more about our supplements from organic sources or our plant extracts? Feel free to contact our experts. We are happy to help you. Fill out the online contact form, send an e-mail to info@biosfeer-groede.nl to know more about our specialty and nutritional supplements that are organic.

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