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Rhodiola rosea producer

Are you looking for a rhodiola rosea producer, because you want to add the product to your range? Or have its beneficial effects convinced you to use it as a dietary supplement for humans or animals? Either way, Biosfeer Groede is happy to supply you with quality extracts made from the golden root plant. Thanks to our optimised extraction processes and advanced equipment, we can preserve the maximum number of nutrients from our fresh plants.

Why buy rhodiola rosea from us as your producer?

We are a producer of various mother tinctures, macerates and other extracts made from numerous plants, such as rhodiola rosea. This golden root, as it is commonly known, is often used to combat exhaustion and stress, where the plant quickly showcases its adaptogenic effect. Moreover, as golden root enhances mental fortitude and general stamina, many phytotherapists recommend it to prevent psychological and/or physical complaints due to stress. If you want to try another extract to benefit from similar benefits, we recommend our mulungu tinctures.

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Do you wish to know more about rhodiola rosea’s beneficial effects before you purchase from us as your producer? Our experts are happy to tell you more if you call the number seen below or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl. As a producer of and expert in certified plant extracts, we only offer you rhodiola rosea of the highest quality possible.

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