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Biosfeer Groede produces oil macerates upon request. These are made from dried plants which immediately undergo ultrasonic maceration for a speedy extraction without undesirable oxidative processes. Maceration traditionally happens in stainless steel barrels placed in conditioned rooms. These barrels are checked and stirred daily.

Bespoke macerates

Though we generally produce macerates based on sunflower oil, we can produce macerates with whichever oil you desire. If you prefer oil made from fresh plants, please let us know before the end of March as we must grow the plants specifically for this purpose. After all, it is vital that we harvest the plants at the correct moment after which they are soaked in oil and exposed to the sun.

Following this, the mixture is pressed and the remaining matter is dried. This matter is then added once again to the mixture, which then receives an ultrasound treatment, leading to a quick extracting with very few undesired oxidative processes. This results in a high-quality, sterile oil macerate. Some of our popular macerates include marigold oil and hypericum oil. However, we also produce many other plant-based liquids, including various tinctures.

Inquire after the possibilities

Do you have a specific macerate in mind? Our experts are happy to tell you whether what you have in mind is feasible and which are the best ingredients. Call us at +31 – (0)117 376 337 or send an email to info@biosfeer-groede.nl.

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