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Black walnut tincture

Biosfeer Groede produces a black walnut tincture from seed to bottle. This tincture is available in large volumes, but also in smaller bottles of 50ml or 100ml aimed at consumers. We grow and process various medicinal herbs and plants for our tinctures on our farm, situated in one of the most sparsely populated regions in the Netherlands. Because every step of the production process remains in our hands, we can guarantee extracts of the highest quality with high levels of active ingredients.

Applications of black walnut tincture

Black walnut tinctures have been in use for hundreds of years to treat bacteria, fungal infections, viruses and parasites. Consequently, they can be considered a multipurpose phytotherapeutical remedy which can be used in numerous industries. Applications range from ointments for skin conditions to a treatment for parasitic infections in livestock. It can even be used as an organic insecticide, but for this a correct and precise composition is vital. We are happy to advise you on this, as uncaria tomentosa may be more suitable for your application.

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